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High Speed TIA

Datacenters are rapidly upgrading interconnects to keep pace with the demand of consumers and enterprises. These demands are primarily driven by ever-increasing bandwidths, low latency, and cost-effective implementations that reduce size and power consumption. At the same time, applications such as cellular backhaul and cloud computing are driving investments in higher speed networks that can transport data more that 80km. With our portfolio of linear, limiting, single, dual, and quad amplifiers, supporting up to 200 Gb/s in a single package, MaxLinear’s high-sensitivity coherent TIA amplifiers deliver the receiver performance required by current and future high-speed datacenters and telecommunications networks.


MaxLinear delivers high-performance broadband and networking semiconductors based on its highly integrated radio frequency analog technology, high-performance optical networking technology and its pioneering MoCA and Direct Broadcast Satellite ODU single-wire technology.

MaxLinear was founded in 2003. The company’s original high performance, radio-frequency receiver products capture and process digital and analog broadband signals for applications including terrestrial, cable and satellite television and DOCSIS broadband. These products include both RF receivers and RF receiver systems-on-chip, or SoCs, which incorporate highly integrated radio system architecture and demodulator technology. The company’s products were based on its pioneering low power, low cost CMOS process technology.

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