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Aluminum Nitride Substrates


Product Introduction


Aluminum Nitride Substrates



■ High thermal conductivity (170-230W/mK), up to 9.5 times than that of Alumina

■ Similar coefficient of thermal expansion to that of silicon (Si). This helps to achieve high reliability of Si chip and thermal heat cycling

■ Higher electric insulation, and Smaller dielectric constant

■ Higher mechanical strength (450MPa).

■ Superior corrosion resistance against molten metal.

■ Very high purity, no toxicity.



Heat dissipation substrate, LED package, Power module, Wafer bonding, Power resistor. 

*Various metalized processing is available (Thin film, Thick film, DBC, AMB, DPC, etc.).


MARUWA established an integrated production system from ceramic substrates and machined substrates to electronic components or devices, so as to be responsive to the market needs. We are on a mid-way of further integrating our technical capabilities and keep on polishing our general technologies from ceramics to circuit designing and packaging.

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