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Smile Corrector


Product Introduction


Smile Corrector

PowerPhotonic provides a range of smile correctors for laser diode bar and stack applications.  These innovative products remove the effects of “smile” error on the collimated beam.

The “smile” effect, caused by CTE mismatch during solder bonding, prevents the fast axis collimation (FAC) lens being correctly positioned for all points along the bar, resulting in beams with variable pointing direction.  This increases overall fast-axis divergence, and can have a severely detrimental impact on VBG locking efficiency and locking range.


Key Features

• Single optic that can reduces smile to a level that no longer affects system performance

• Monolithic design

• Fixed or custom variants possible

• Transmission >99%

• UV-fused Silica


PowerPhotonic Ltd. was formed in 2004 to commercialize the technology from fundamental research undertaken at the world renowned Institute of Photonics and Quantum Sciences at Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh. With operations in the United Kingdom and North America, we are well positioned to support companies across the globe. 
The PowerPhotonic manufacturing process is based on a laser system that shapes and then smooths the refractive surface of fused silica glass. This gives us unprecedented flexibility to create a complete range of standard products including slow and fast axis collimators, lens arrays, beam shapers, transformers and correctors, as well as offering a cost effective custom micro-optics design service called LightForge™.

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