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Optical Communication Applicat

Industrial Laser and Optical A


Super-thick Thermal Oxidized Wafers


Product Introduction


Super-thick Thermal Oxidized Wafers

With respect to optical waveguides (AWG), the so-called undercladding layer, which is the lowermost SiO2 film, has a critical effect on the process yield.


Guaranteed specifications

Film thickness

20um±5%(Maximum thickness)

In-plane uniformity


Surface uniformity


Refractive index(@1550nm)



Refractive index plane distribution data


Surface roughness data


KST service as a wafer foundry providing various services to deposit films on silicon wafers meeting customers’ needs since the establishment of 1998 throughout. Our deposition process service include oxide film, which enjoys the highest demand in the industry today ,and nitride film. In addition, we respond to the diverse needs of customers by creating films of different thickness, from common thin films to thick ones.

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