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Bit-Error-Rate Tester


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Bit-Error-Rate Tester


OptoBERT™: Electrical and Optical & Bit-Error-Rate Testers (BERTs)

The OptoBERT family of BERTs offers the best value in the industry forbit-error-ratio testing of optical and electrical components, subsystemsand systems. OptoBERT family of products covers data rates from100 Mb/s to 28.05 Gb/s. BERT Products are:


    OPB04X28: 4-Channel 28 Gbps Bit-Error-Rate Tester (BERT)

    OPB04X15: 4-Channel 15 Gbps Bit-Error-Rate Tester (BERT)

    OPBX150: 15 Gbps Bit-Error-Rate Tester (BERT)

    OPB04X10: 4-channel 11G Electrical BERT

    OPBX110: 11G Electrical & Optical BERT

    OPB5000: 5G Electrical & Optical BERT

    OPB4250: 4.25G Electrical & Optical BERT

    OPB3200: 3.2G Electrical & Optical BERT

    OPB1250: 1.25G Electrical & Optical BERT


OPTELLENT is a provider of broadband test & measurement solutions for communications. OPTELLENT’s test and measurement solutionsare designed to offer unprecedented low-cost of ownership and ease of use. The Company’s test & measurement solutionsare used in product development, manufacturing, and field installation and maintenance. Applications for OPTELLENT’s products includetesting of optical components, modules (transceivers) and subsystems, IC testing, networking equipment, and network installationand maintenance. Both single-mode and multi-mode fibre applications are supported.

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