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RF Test Fixture


Product Introduction


RF Test Fixture

- Low Insertion Loss and Return Loss.
- Original design RF Contactor design
- Easy Handling, Stable contact
- Available for Bare Chip, PKG IC, Electric Module, E/O (O/E) Module and Substrate.
- Custom design and OIF standard design (100G Tx/Rx)
- Maximum 1,000um (1mm) pitch available
- Perfect contact to RF Lead (Non Stub, impedance match structure)
- Custom design calibration kit / De-Embed File available


100Gb/s 4x25G TOSA Box


T Plus company specializing in the development of RF probe (RF Probe) and optical communication devices active test fixture companies. T Plus has introduced a series of test fixtures for high-speed active devices such as ICR, 100G TOSA / ROSA, and other test requirements in optical communications. The TF-100CR is a test fixture for 100Gb / s coherent DP-QPSK receivers. In addition, T Plus also offers test fixture products for the 100Gb / s 4x25G TOSA Box.

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