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Optical Communication Applicat

Industrial Laser and Optical A


40G-100G High Frequency RF Coaxial Connector


Product Introduction


40G-100G High Frequency RF Coaxial Connector


Straight female for Cable

Right Angle female for cable

Hermitic shroud male

Surface Mount male

Edge Mount male

2port Edge Mount male 3.6mm Pitch

2port Edge Mount male 5.08mm Pitch

4port Edge Mount male 3.6mm Pitch

Female inter connects

DC Block


Between Adaptor


Featured applications

100G Transponder

100G EVA Board



Yuetsu Seiki Co., Ltd. is a developer and manufacturer of high frequency RF coaxial connector and precision machining parts. Yuetsu products, developed for wide range of radio frequency /micro wave application at wireless system, especially milli-wave connector for optoelectronic devices and testing equipment uses, supply richer experience to all RF coaxial connector users with quality and accessibility.
Founded in 1979, Yuetsu developed a series of RF coaxial connector such as: SMPM, SMP, V(1.85), K(2.92), HRA, BMA, MMCX, MCX, SMA, N, SMB, TNC, BNC, F and M at same time, they also supplied numerous.

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