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Tunable laser light source


Product Introduction

Tunable laser light source

LS-601A series are the flag ship of the tunable laser light sources Koshin Kogaku Co., Ltd. offers.  This product has the high resolution of wavelength and the narrow spectrum linewidth less than 30kHz, and is applicable to the measurement of DWDM optical components and equipments.  The low RIN property enables this product to be applied to the evaluation of EDFA.



1.Wide dynamic range

LS-601A series guarantee an accurate measurement of optical devices with its extraordinary wide dynamic range.

2.Low noise

LS-601A sereis is best suitable for noise figure (NF) measurement of the optical fiber amplifier: EDFA, etc. The excellent RIN (Relative Intensity Noise) characteristics ensures accurate measurement without affecting the characteristics of measuring object.

3.Narrow spectrum linewidth

Spectrum linewidth indicates the distribution of wavelength, and the narrower the spectrum line-width, the higher the wavelength isolation. Variation of the oscillation frequency affects the optical spectrum linewidth.

4.Source of light for the beat light

It is the best as the source of light that generates an optical beat because of the light of stable frequency and the high-resolution evaluation wavelength setting.

5.Modulation function



Items / ModelLS-601A-15S1LS-601A-16S1LS-601A-56S2
Tunable W.L. range1520-15901580-16501525-1630
Optical output power≥ +4.0dBm≥ +4.0dBm≥ +2.0dBm (1540-1620nm)
≥ +0dBm (1525-1630nm)
Wavelength resolution0.0001nm = 0.1pm
Wavelength accuracy≤ ±0.01nm (typical < ±0.005nm)
wavelength reproducibility< ±0.005nm (typical < ±0.001nm)
Side mode suppression ratio> 50dB
line width (typical)≤ 30kHz
RIN(typical)≤ -150dB/Hz(at optical output: 0.0dBm)
Optical output flatness (typical) *2≤ ±0.2 dB
Optical output stability *≤ ±0.03dB(60min)
Frequency stability *3≤ ±100MHz(60min)
Tunable optical output attenuation function≤ -30dBm
Wavelength sweep functionEnable (step motion)
APC functionEnable
Optical output monitor functionEnable
External high frequency modulation function10 – 120MHz( ≤ +10dBm)
Internal low frequency modulation function200Hz – 300kHz(modulation degree: about maximum 30%)
Beam shutter functionEnable
Step trigger outputTTL level
External control I/F functionGP-IB
Power supply100V-240VAC 48-66Hz automatic switch
Output fiberPolarization Maintaining fiber (FC/SPC connector *4)
Polarization states (typical)Linear polarization, key direction of output connector,
extinction ratio ≥ 20dB
Size / Weight350W*430D*147H 16kg
Operating environmentOperating temperature limit:10-35 ℃
Range of precision guarantee temperature:15-30 ℃
Percentage humidity:85% or less (non condensing)

Storage temperature range -10℃ ~ +50℃
Percentage humidity:85% or less (non condensing)


Koshin Kogaku has been responding to many kinds of customer's needs since the foundation in 1970 with the core competence based on the vacuum evaporation technology. We also have developed the related fabrication processes along with the coating technology in our multitude of achievements. We will continuously offer the optimal solutions to the customers in a variety of areas who need the products in which optical technologies are applied.

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