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Twin DFB Diode Laser


Product Introduction

Twin DFB Diode Laser

The driver unit is included in the iScan control unit. It comprises two CCTC modules. Each module controls both laser current and temperature of one laser diode. The laser frequency tuning is accomplished by changing either the current (for fast but small steps) or the temperature (for large scans). The sontrol unit is ready for remote control via RS-232 or USB.



- Arbitrarily tunable beat note frequency

- Large tuning range up to 2 THz

- FiberLock stabilized single-mode fiber coupling

- Optimized for cw THz generation

- Including drivers HV or RF, resp. optional


Technical Data (preliminary)

● Laser data:

Wavelength: selectable in the range 760nm - 2740nm

Output power: 40mW per output at 853 nm

Tuning range: typ. 1THz, (2THz at 853nm)

● Frequency stabilization:

THz frequency resolution: 1 MHz

THz frequency stability: 10MHz per 10min, 100MHz per 8hrs

● Drivers:

Laser current range: 0-200mA (typ., others on request)

Laser temperatur range: 10-60°C

● Housing (H x W x L):

laser: 100 mm x 250 mm x 400mm

driver: 132 mm x 482 mm x 340 mm (19" standard, 2 height units)

● Power supply: 100...120 VAC / 200...240 VAC, 50...60 Hz


Driver & control unit


Application example


The TEM Messtechnik GmbH is an innovative medium-sized company in Hannover. It was established in 1988 and changed to a GmbH (Ldt.) in 1998. TEM is specialized in converting scientific results and ideas into real-world applications. The development process goes from the first idea to the production-ready solution and includes customer specific adaption of the standard products, new development at the electronic devices, analog and digital solutions, OEM-boards, modular systems or stand-alone devices.

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