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Stabilized & Tunable Diode Laser


Product Introduction

Stabilized & Tunable Diode Laser



- Plug and play helium-neon laser replacement

- Iodine-referenced absolute frequency stabilization

- Arbitrary, hysteresis-free tuning due to interferometric reference

- Large tuning range > 300 GHz

- High coherence length

- Fiber coupling with active stabilization

- USB remote control


Performance parameters

Output PowerFiber Coupled>2mW>10mW>5mW
Free Beam>10mW>75mW>25mW
Frequency Stabilization<5MHz<500 KHz<500 KHz
Stepping Resolution1MHz1MHz1MHz
Size165mm×102mm×91mm 265mm×215mm×95mm 265mm×215mm×95mm


Application example

Phase Shifting Interferometry

Lasy 633* easily replaces conventional He-Ne lasers, e.g. in phase shifting interferometers. In contrast to the gas laser, which required the reference surface to be moved in l/8 steps for the phase extraction, Lasy 633 can substitute this mechanical motion for an adequate shift of the laser wavelength. This makes Lasy 633 a superior light source for interferometry.


*  “633“ stands for 633 nm - other wavelengths on request


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