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Optical Communication Applicat

Industrial Laser and Optical A


2000nm—3500nm Mid‐IR DFB Lasers


Product Introduction

2000nm—3500nm Mid‐IR DFB Lasers

NORCADA designs and manufactures single mode semiconductor distributed feedback (DFB) lasers for industrial sensing and environmental monitoring applications.  Our DFB lasers come with two main styles of hermetic packaging configurations designed for excellent temperature stability andwavelength tuning.


Typical wavelengths for trace gas sensing applications




- Integrated DFB grang provides single frequency operaon

- Frequency tuning can be accomplished by adjusng either laser drive current or temperature.

- Tuning range up to 6 nm without mode hopping

- Temperature tuning control:  0.1 nm / °C

- Drive current tuning control:  0.04 nm / mA 

- Output Power:  10‐20 mW 

- Narrow linewidth <2 MHz


General Rangs and Operang Condions for 1653nm DFB Laser Diodes


Optical Power vs Drive Current


Wavelength vs Drive Current


Packaging Opons



TO‐39 package


Buerfly package with fibre coupled output


Norcada designs and manufactures near-IR and mid-IR single mode semiconductor distributed feedback (DFB) lasers for industrial sensing, environmental monitoring, and TDLAS applications. Founded in 2001, Norcada has a state-of-the-art MEMS and photonics fabrication facility in Edmonton, Alberta, home to a major nanotechnology cluster in Canada.

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