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Product Introduction

Multimode Laser Diodes

Multimode Laser Diodes operate spatially and longitudinally multimode. We offer wavelengths between 670 and 1,120 nm and output powers between 1 and 18 W in cw mode, up to 100W in pulse mode. Stripe widths from 60 µm to 400 µm are available to optimize beam structure and power for the application.


Part numberWavelength/nmOutput Power/mwOperational ModePackage Style
EYP-BAL-0653-01000-1510-CMT02-00006531cwC-Mount/2 mm
EYP-BAL-0670-01500-1506-CMT02-00006701.5cwC-Mount/2 mm
EYP-BAL-0740-01000-2010-CMT02-00007401cwC-Mount/2 mm
EYP-BAL-0760-01500-2010-CMT02-00007601.5cwC-Mount/2 mm
EYP-BAL-0790-01500-2010-CMT02-00007901.5cwC-Mount/2 mm
EYP-BAL-0808-07000-4020-CDL02-00008087cwCDL with FAC/SAC
EYP-BAL-0808-00005-2013-SOT12-00108086pulsedTO 9mm
EYP-BAL-0905-00010-1040-TOE02-001090512pulsedTO with thread
EYP-BAL-0905-00050-1040-TOE22-001090550pulsedTO with thread
EYP-BAL-0980-10000-4020-CDL02-000098010cwCDL with FAC/SAC
EYP-BAL-0980-18000-4020-CDL02-000098018cwCDL with FAC/SAC
EYP-BAL-1060-02000-2010-CMT02-000010602cwC-Mount/2 mm
EYP-BAL-1064-10000-4020-CDL02-0000106410cwCDL with FAC/SAC
EYP-BAL-1064-16000-4020-CDL02-0000106416cwCDL with FAC/SAC
EYP-BAL-1120-01500-2010-CMT02-000011201.5cwC-Mount/2 mm


Eagleyard Photonics industry-experienced management team has the skills necessary to turn advanced technology into mature products in compliance with the expectations of industrial customers. Based on GaAs wafer material our semiconductor laser diodes cover wavelengths ranging from 630 to 1.120 nm. If you need high power and superior brightness - and all that in a single emitter configuration - you will find us at the leading edge of technology.

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