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Product Introduction

Temperature Controllers

The PTC-CH Series Precision Temperature Controllers are compact, chassis-mount modules that provide excellent temperature stability—even across ambient. The linear bipolar output drives TECs, and it can be easily confi gured for unipolar heater operation.  PTC-CH controllers are found in such diverse applications as particle and droplet measurement, manufacturing machine vision systems, biomolecular interaction analysis, and more.


Chassis-Mount Temperature Controllers Features

- Drive ±2.5 A, ±5 A or ±10 A current 

- Single Supply Operation from 5 to 30 VDC 

- Linear Stability: 0.0012°C 

- Onboard and remote controllable 

- “Smart Integrator” quickly settles to temperature even on large thermal loads 

- Selectable sensor bias current 

- Failsafe setpoint default circuit



HTC Series Low Profile Temperature Controller & Eval Board


Wavelength Electronics leads the laser control industry by simplifying advanced quantum cascade laser, laser diode, and thermal control for demanding electro-optical OEMs and researchers. For almost 20 years Wavelength Electronics has delivered instrument-level performance in small, cost-effective modules.

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