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Product Introduction


The CoSy system is a versatile tool for Doppler-free absorption saturation spectroscopy. This permits a generation of extremely precise defined wavelength standards, which can be used for highly precise stabilization of tunable lasers.

• The CoSy head contains the setup for the Doppler-free saturation spectroscopy. It is available with Cesium-, Rubidium- or Potassium cells (other cells on request) 

• The CoSy head is controlled by the power supply and control electronics CoSyControl.

Usually Doppler-free absorption saturation spectroscopy is achieved by using a relatively complex opto-mechanical setup. This setup has been integrated in the described small compact unit, together with the electronics needed for evaluation of the detected beams.


Performance parameters

Glass cell filled with one of the following elementsRubidium (mixture of 85Rb and 87Rb)
Potassium(mixture of 39K and 41K)
Caesium (133Cs)
Other cells on request
Recommended optical input power<1mW, depends on used element
Size of free beam<3mm diam
Polarization of free beamPerpendicular to table top
Gain of the photo detector amplifiersAdjustable via range switch (coarse)
And trim potentiometer (fine)
Output levelMax. 10Vpp
Set temperature of the glass cellAdjustable via trim potentiometer in the range of 20 to 40℃(no cooling)
Optional AC or DC magnetic fieldMagnetic flux density adjustable

Maximum current 0.1 Ampere




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