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Product Introduction


LaseLock is a universal and compact laser stabilization electronics (lock-box) that allows to stabilize tunable lasers (e.g. diode lasers, Ti:Sapphire or dye lasers) in their frequency. For this, particularly optical resonators (Fabry-Perot cavities) and atomic absorption or fluorescence lines are serving as references. Vice versa, also optical resonators can be stabilized towards a given laser frequency by means of mechanical actuators (e.g. piezo actuators).


side-of-fringe stabilization

top-of-fringe stabilization

(stabilization to maximum (or minimum), 'lock-in'-technique)




The LaseLock conveniently combines the following components in a compact and user-friendly box: 

• Input amplifiers (incl. generation of difference and/or normalisation signal) 

• Sine generator 

• Phase-synchronous detection 

• PID regulator 

• Scan generator 

• Output amplifier


Performance parameters

Signal input
Impedanceuser selectable(10kOhm standard)
Input voltage range -2.0V—2.0V(standard,others on request)
Bandwidth300kHz(standard, higher BW on request)
Sampling Rate2.5MSps
Voltage range -10.0V—10.0V at 1kOhm load
Impedance50 Ohm
Sampling Rate2.5MS/s
Lock-in amplifier
Modulation frequency0.1Hz—1MHz
Phase adjustment0—360°
Cut-off frequency25Hz—1MHz
Twin PID regulator
Over-all delay400ns
Scan generator
Output frequency100mHz—20kHz(triangular shape)


Application Example


The TEM Messtechnik GmbH is an innovative medium-sized company in Hannover. It was established in 1988 and changed to a GmbH (Ldt.) in 1998. TEM is specialized in converting scientific results and ideas into real-world applications. The development process goes from the first idea to the production-ready solution and includes customer specific adaption of the standard products, new development at the electronic devices, analog and digital solutions, OEM-boards, modular systems or stand-alone devices.

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